Memory Lane Photography strives to capture the most cherished moments while reflecting your families individual personality

"I remember when my kids were born I thought they were the most beautiful creatures I had ever laid eyes on. I tried very hard to capture as much of their newborn, infant, and toddler times as I could with photographs. I spent many hours planning, traveling, stressed out and simply unhappy dragging them from one studio to another. Either the session was hurried, my child was unhappy, or it wasn’t meant to be on that day...and usually the day was wasted and my goal (of current pictures) wasn’t accomplished. If the session was relaxed, that usually equaled HIGH print prices. It is my vision with Memory Lane Photography to bring you a convenient, relaxed, creative, and comfortable portrait session in my studio, or on location AND reasonable print prices! Whether your photo shoot is for engagement, wedding, maternity, newborns, babies, kids, family or senior photos we can work together to create a unique session and images that will take you on a trip down 'Memory Lane.'"

~Darcy Lane, owner of Memory Lane Photography

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